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A government that listens to the voice of community members will be better equiped to address their needs. For example, in communities where people are not connected to green space, we need to ask if is it because of a lack of access or are the green spaces unused? In either case it is our responsibility to let our elected officals know if the services they provide are inadequate and it is their responsibility to listen and act accordingly.

Sustainability Story

Have a story about how you, an organization, or the community has addressed childhood asthma that you want to share? Please visit our Siftr page and share it!

What can you do?

The USA Today, Indivisible, and Lifehacker each have guides on how you can make your voice heard. They include suggestions for who to contact, how to contact them, and what you should say for a particular issue.

This short 8-minute Ted Talk by Ben Warner discusses what makes good governance, our responsibility as citizens, and those we elect to represent us.

Not sure who you should contact? is a great resource to find out who your local, state, and federal representatives are. If it is a local issue, city council meetings are open to the public to attend and you can register to speak at the meetings.

The Countable app makes following congressional bills easy by quickly summarizing the bill contents, what people think about it, and how you can take action. You can even download it on smartphones.

Join a group that promotes a cause you care strongly about or volunteer at a canditates headquarters who supports your cause. The Wisconsin Involvement Network, VolunteerMatch, and Community Shares can each be used to find an organization that is already working on an issue important to you.

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