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Sustainability Story

In past years Union Cab has offered free rides to polling places, bringing you the polling place and returning you to work or home. As voting nears visit the Union Cab website to see if they are offering the service again!

Have a story about how you, an organization, or the community has addressed childhood asthma that you want to share? Please visit our Siftr page and share it!

What can you do?

It may feel like "my one vote doesn't matter", but voting matters. Mass Vote explains the importance of voting and why every vote counts. Large gaps in turnout can further increase inequalities among different socioeconomic classes.

Perri Gardner gives a 23 minute Ted Talk on how we can improve voter turnout and the problem when there is low voter turnout.

Vote! Get friends and family to vote with you!

Have you never voted before and are you unsure what to do? Wisconsin Vote lets you know what you need to vote, how to check if you are registered, and where to register to vote if you need. They also let you know where you have to go to vote, what to expect when you get there, and what you need the day of voting.

Are you unable to get to the polls? As the voting day nears, many organzations will offer transportation services to and from polling places. A quick google search can let you know if there are any near you!

Volunteer for a candidate you support, to help register voters, or become a poll worker on election day.

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