About the Sustainability Snapshot

The Sustainability Snapshot is a collection of 35 indicators that represent what sustainability means to Madison, Wisconsin. This prototype was created by Sustain Dane with much input from from the community. We take a broad view of sustainability, incorporating environmental, social, and economic indicators. The indicators were chosen based on multiple rounds of community feedback and the data was gathered from existing sources.

Our hope for this tool is to provide a clear idea of what sustainability is, how we’re doing in Madison, where individuals fit in, and what we need to focus on for the future.

Future versions will incorporate more qualitative data -- stories highlighting sustainable practices or illustrating unsustainable areas that deserve attention -- and will have more justified and refined indicator thresholds and goals.

Project Goals

Origins of the Snapshot

In 2013, Sustain Dane refocused its mission and vision and added a core strategy of alignment. In short, we think we're more likely to be a sustainable community if we work together. In 2015, Sustain Dane formed a team to explore tools for creating alignment. Highlights of the process we undertook can be seen in the infographic below.

Networked Snapshot

Where you come in

We aim for this project to continue to be collaborative. Let us know how you see sustainability. What is your vision for a sustainable Madison region? Are there things missing in this tool? Email us to start the conversation.

About Sustain Dane

Sustain Dane is a 501(c)3 based in Madison, WI. Sustain Dane aims to achieve Big 'S' Sustainability, encompassing a just economy, a strong community, and a healthy planet. We can't sustain one without sustaining them all.

We believe everyone can be a changemaker, and all of our programs aim to help individuals reach their full potential in making a difference. We work with individuals in businesses, schools, and neighborhoods to inspire, connect, and support sustainability champions.